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Three more days of work before Summer Break is here. I cannot wait. Technically the last day of work is on Friday but my managers continue to try and schedule me for mornings on the last day. Last days are half days and we usually close at 3pm and since my work schedule is typically 2-9 they figure they're doing me a favor by giving me more hours so they schedule me 10-4 and I've told them I don't want to work mornings. So this time I've decided to head them off at the pass and put in my request for a day off and it was approved so Thursday is my last day, and then it's 3 months of no work.

Thankfully this year I should be able to get unemployment during the break period. Last year I was ineligible due to having not worked in about six years. My ex was the type that preferred to take care of me and so I stayed home. Because of that, the unemployment office didn't have enough previous recent work experience to draw me funds over last summer and we had to borrow money from my dad towards the end as we'd gone through our savings to pay the bills with only the GF working. But this year should be a bit better due to the unemployment..even if it's going to be pitiful checks, though the gf also got a raise recently and Duncan just got a job as well so that should help a bit.

We also thought we might go and start donating plasma. There's a place nearby that allows for donations twice a week and they pay around 25-50+ dollars per donation per person. So if me and the gf go up that will be a little extra money for us as well not to mention it will help out other people who need the plasma.

I've also decided I'm going to try and keep active this summer. Walking and such. Last summer I got into a bit of a chip and dip eating binge and because I wasn't as active when I wasn't working, I put on about 20 pounds. That really sucked and I don't particularly want to repeat that. I finally got back down to 165lbs and maybe if I keep active this summer I can keep it off and maybe even lose more. I'd really like to get down to 115lbs but that's going to take awhile. 
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 I play Hearthstone a lot. For those who aren't familiar, Hearthstone is a CCG..Card Collection Game, quite similar to Magic the Gathering. It's put out by Blizzard and for the most part it is free to play, however, you can spend real money on card packs, arena games, and special hero portraits. 

Some people don't like to spend money on games like that where you don't actually get physical merchandise for the money paid and usually I'm not for those kinds of 'pay-to-win' type things but in this case sometimes I'll splurge a bit and buy a card pack or two. I'm also a bit of a completion-ist and I like the alternative heroes so I've been gathering them as they become available. I've got Lady Liadrin (Paladin), Maiev Shadowsong (Rogue), Morgl the Oracle (Shaman) for free. I bought Alleria Windrunner (Hunter), Magni Bronzebeard (Warrior), and Medivh (Mage).

Now here's where the title of this post comes into play. My girlfriend and her husband, also my boyfriend, have a joint bank account. Both me and the girlfriend work, the boyfriend is unable to work due to health issues, and we both contribute to bills and rent. Though whenever I want to buy something (like the Hearthstone stuff), the girlfriend grouses at me that I'm -always- spending money on that game. Honestly I don't spend a whole lot on myself. There's things I'd like to get, like a new phone, new computer and other smaller stuff but most of the time I think about doing it and then look at the bank and think to myself 'can't do that this paycheck, we've got this and this and this bill and gotta have money for gas, etc' and I don't get whatever it is I was thinking of getting. While the gf will go out to the thrift store and buy yet another purse or random clothes or electronics or other things like a waffle iron that gets used maybe once or twice and then isn't used again for a long time. I love waffles, but I digress.

I guess the whole point of that rant is that I feel guilty for wanting to buy something for myself even though I work as well as she does and yet I feel like I can't spend some of the money I contribute to the account. Even my own tax returns I feel like aren't -mine-. I'd like to put money aside to save, maybe for a new computer, or my own car since we only have the one van, but screw that, I can't spend -any- money without getting nit-picked on how it's spent or what it's spent on.


And she probably doesn't realize that's how it makes me feel because I'm not the confrontational type all. And I don't want to make her feel bad either, because she can't take any criticism without reacting with hands over her ears and hunched over like someone's about to hit her with a rolled up newspaper.

It's just really frustrating...


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